Työkalu nimeltä ‘etnografia’

Maaliskuussa etnografia ja etnografinen analyysi olivat keskeisiä teemoja useissa seminaareissa ja konferensseissa, joihin osallistuin. Kuukausi alkoi Ethnoksen perinteisillä Kansatieteen päivillä 13.-14.3. teemanaan Thick grip on data - ethnological analysis and interpretation. Osallistuin työryhmään Rendering Culture: New Openings in the Micro-Practises of Ethnography, jonka vetäjinä olivat hurmaavat Tom O'Dell sekä Robert Willim Lundin yliopistosta. (Lisää etnologipäivistä … Continue reading Työkalu nimeltä ‘etnografia’

Dystopians and dog leashes

Often some of the time in seminars goes into editing your own presentation and being nervous about your upcoming performance (which in my luck is always the second day, first in the morning, and there had been conference reception the night before!). This time when I attended Aboagora - The Human Machine  was purely out … Continue reading Dystopians and dog leashes

Seminars, presentations and motivation boosts

Maybe I should return to this blog more often, since this morning I could not remember neither my username nor my password. And my browser history did not recognize the blog URL. Oopsie! But I have been a busy (academic) bee this summer! I had a small informal lecture at the opening of a memorial … Continue reading Seminars, presentations and motivation boosts

Kansatieteen päivät 2012 ja oravan keskittymiskyky

Juna heiluttaa tutusti, kun VR vie minua Jyväskylään kahdeksi päiväksi Kansatieteen päiville. Puhun tänään iltapäivällä tutkimuksestani työryhmässä Verkkoetnografiat ja huomenna aamupäivällä olen puheenjohtajana Laura Hirven kera Modes of Making Ethnographies-työryhmässä. Kahteen päivään on mahdutettu 13 työryhmää ja kolme key note -luentoa, mikä on haastava kokemus sinänsä, sillä moni loistava paperi jää kuulematta ajan puutteen vuoksi. Eniten … Continue reading Kansatieteen päivät 2012 ja oravan keskittymiskyky

London diaries: Keeping busy

October sneaked up on me behind the corner. It has been over a month now here in London and I haven't posted anything here even once! I've been mostly writing or micro-blogging in my Facebook account - in Finnish and to certain people only - which might have been the reason I haven't felt necessary … Continue reading London diaries: Keeping busy

Great minds

They say "great minds think alike". In my opinion, great minds do not always share the same opinions, doubtless the fact that they really think. Last week at the Ubi Summer Schoolin Oulu felt like a marathon of brains or an olympic training of our brain cells. Exhilarating, but exhausting! Which is why on Friday … Continue reading Great minds

Summer school

Spending the week at my former hometown Oulu at 2nd UBI Summer School.  Lots of new ideas and new inspirations, with the direction of professor Leopoldina Fortunati and a workshop of thirteen participants. Today we've had interesting debates about the definitions of near/far and global/local, when researching new media (mobile phones and internet), just to give … Continue reading Summer school

Seminaari Oulussa – 2nd International UBI Summer School 2011

Toukokuussa seminaari Oulussa! Vielä mahtuu mukaan! Minut voi myös laittaa tiedon välittäjäksi, tahtoo voittaa palkinnon! 😉 ________________________________________ Dates: May 23-28, 2011 Location: Oulu, Finland [map link] Student enrollment: There are still few vacant seats in all workshops that are filled on "first come first served" basis. Prospective students apply by submitting an application form for approval. … Continue reading Seminaari Oulussa – 2nd International UBI Summer School 2011

“You’re among friends”

I think it's only fair to post this blog entry in English, since many of the fine colleagues that I met in Aalborg might end up here. Needless to say the first Nordic Network of Thanatologists conference was a great success. Ideas and grass-root experience were contributed from different researchers and hospice and palliative care … Continue reading “You’re among friends”