New year

I've returned to Finland already a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't been able to summarize and reflect about my experiences in London because of the holidays and all. The 3,5 months felt like an eternity for various reasons and I've been telling people who ask me "how was it" that "I'll get back … Continue reading New year

NNT and FDSA spring symposium – CfP reminder!

Since I'm part of the organising committee, I'd like to remind anyone interested about the spring symposium of Nordic Network of Thanatology and the Finnish Death Studies Association. Please circulate! Deadline is this Friday! ________________ Call for papers – 2nd Nordic Symposium of Death and Dying We wish you all welcome to the 2nd Nordic … Continue reading NNT and FDSA spring symposium – CfP reminder!

London diaries: Keeping busy

October sneaked up on me behind the corner. It has been over a month now here in London and I haven't posted anything here even once! I've been mostly writing or micro-blogging in my Facebook account - in Finnish and to certain people only - which might have been the reason I haven't felt necessary … Continue reading London diaries: Keeping busy


Just found a new blog in Finnish where a widow tells her story about her husbands cancer. It's fairly recent - the blog I mean - and it tells about the critical time of the decease, the actual dying. Sometimes I hate this subject. It feels so banal to carry on with my own life … Continue reading Near

Goooood moooorning Looondoon!

Time flies fast when you're having fun, right? Well this past week in London has felt like an eternal, mostly just because the first days flew by just getting to know around the neighborhood and learning to use the DLR, trains and tube. It also seems that I am a little bit early here considering … Continue reading Goooood moooorning Looondoon!

Left alone in the dark

Without life there is no death and without death there is no life. We try to avoid getting older by eating healthier, keeping fit, living a good and a long life, but what aging actually is it makes us face our very own death. We all will die some die.

London calling

I've been terribly neglecting this research blog during the summer time, but it seems it has been fruitful not to think about my research for a couple of weeks. I've meant to write about the excellent CDAS seminar in Bath, Death in the Digital Age, which was held the 25th - 26th of June. I … Continue reading London calling


One question that keeps repeating about this phenomena of virtual memorials is that why people do it? I have also included that question in my research dilemmas, but it is beginning to be more and more irrelevant. If you phrase the question in a more larger context, it would be why people are gathering together in online environments to mourn and honor?

Great minds

They say "great minds think alike". In my opinion, great minds do not always share the same opinions, doubtless the fact that they really think. Last week at the Ubi Summer Schoolin Oulu felt like a marathon of brains or an olympic training of our brain cells. Exhilarating, but exhausting! Which is why on Friday … Continue reading Great minds

Summer school

Spending the week at my former hometown Oulu at 2nd UBI Summer School.  Lots of new ideas and new inspirations, with the direction of professor Leopoldina Fortunati and a workshop of thirteen participants. Today we've had interesting debates about the definitions of near/far and global/local, when researching new media (mobile phones and internet), just to give … Continue reading Summer school