Note to self: when work feels good

The past few months have been exceptionally good with thesis project and the amount of text that I have been able to write seems to be more than during the past year(!). All the pieces seem to fall in right places and for the first time I can safely say "I know what I'm doing", … Continue reading Note to self: when work feels good

Dystopians and dog leashes

Often some of the time in seminars goes into editing your own presentation and being nervous about your upcoming performance (which in my luck is always the second day, first in the morning, and there had been conference reception the night before!). This time when I attended Aboagora - The Human Machine  was purely out … Continue reading Dystopians and dog leashes

Seminars, presentations and motivation boosts

Maybe I should return to this blog more often, since this morning I could not remember neither my username nor my password. And my browser history did not recognize the blog URL. Oopsie! But I have been a busy (academic) bee this summer! I had a small informal lecture at the opening of a memorial … Continue reading Seminars, presentations and motivation boosts

Autoethnography, participant observation, self-reflexivity or emphatic understanding?

Ethnography is a research method and the written result of the research. It includes multiple methods the researcher can choose from, and most highlighted by anthropologists is participant observation where the researcher actively participates in the lives of her informants. Living the life as they live, in order to grasp the understanding of experiences inside … Continue reading Autoethnography, participant observation, self-reflexivity or emphatic understanding?

Current disposition draft

Don't you just love autumn?! I do. I really really do. Not the rain or the cold, but the colors and the wind, the occasional sun and the smell (of decay?) in the air. Autumn is my best time of the year and I'm full of energy, like a Duracell rabbit just going on and … Continue reading Current disposition draft

Scandinavian Studies Conference in San Francisco

To inform anyone interested! I would LOVE to apply (just adore SF!), but funding opportunities for this type of trip are minimal and my luck with travel fund applications has not been as good as my thesis fund applications. But, I can always dream of a sponsor..

Improved gravestones

As a death and digital culture researcher I get my "kicks" out of very unordinary things in the news, things that might seem inappropriate to "get kicks" from. Despite the moral dilemma, I seem to get these "A-HA! I SAW THIS COMING!" more and more these days.

Doodling and doing

These couple of weeks have been surprisingly productive in a thesis-wise way, although the possibilities of intense procrastination have been tempting. Last week the academic and professionals of culture studies gathered together to a discussion event about the current disappointing situation of getting oneself employed or funded. The government is cutting away funds from all … Continue reading Doodling and doing

Good music, good mood

The Finnish television has been following the international example for quite some time and singing competitions - or to be straight, American Idol - were the first to start the flow of talented people showing their (singing) skills in front of the television audience. However, the past years have proved that especially the participants in … Continue reading Good music, good mood