On fieldwork: digging too deep

Doing research online has sometimes quite unexpected results when you just begin googling for search words and end up clicking link after link. Today I wanted to search "memorial trolling" and "rip trolls", which stand for a specific type of trolling with the intention to harass and disturb mourners in online memorials, such as in … Continue reading On fieldwork: digging too deep

Postdoc project, here I come!

I can now finally announce it publicly, since it also can be found from the interwebs: I received funding for 12 months from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. I am beyond delighted for this, since FCF also funded almost my entire PhD project! My new project will dive into a very current and difficult matter: violence … Continue reading Postdoc project, here I come!

“I would like to thank the Academia..”

There it is. Tweeted about it right after opening the box. Fresh from the printing house: my thesis. Beloved, difficult, painful, joyful, wonderful thesis, that should represent how I have developed as a researcher, studied a new growing phenomenon, and written it all inside those thin blue covers. My thesis. Finished, done, ready. There is a … Continue reading “I would like to thank the Academia..”

Save the date! Thesis defence in five weeks

Time flies when you're having fun? No, not really. These last five weeks before the thesis defence feel agonizing, although I have made all the arrangements ready for the afterparty, or karonkka as in Finnish. The catering, the outfit(!), the venue, accommodation, food and drinks, even the playlist is ready, but I still need to write … Continue reading Save the date! Thesis defence in five weeks

The spring issue of Thanatos is out!

I have had the privilege of being the editor-in-chief of the spring issue of Thanatos, which has been a theme issue of internet and death. When I took the job last autumn, I realised it would require a huge amount of work exactly the same time as I would be doing the final revisions for … Continue reading The spring issue of Thanatos is out!

The elicitation of ethnographic knowledge

Four of my virtual world research idols, Tom Boellstorff, Bonnie Nardi, Celia Pearce and T.L. Taylor, published in 2012 a fantastic method and how-to book of ethnographic research in virtual worlds, and I managed the get my hands on a copy only recently. The essential message of the book Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook … Continue reading The elicitation of ethnographic knowledge

Chairing the discussion panel “Ethnology meets Technology” at the VIII Ethnology Days 2014

The ethnology days THICK GRIP ON DATA? – Ethnological Intepretations and Analysis | VIII Ethnology Days 2014 by Ethnos Association takes place this year in Helsinki 13.-14.3.2014. I will be chairing the panel "Ethnology meets Technology" panel, which will be debating about the relationship of ethnology towards different technologies, from internet to mobile phones, from house hold appliances … Continue reading Chairing the discussion panel “Ethnology meets Technology” at the VIII Ethnology Days 2014

Exciting times

Exciting times. The thesis manuscript will be going to the language check in a week. After that it is only a matter of two or three weeks until the review process will begin. Can not believe this is already(!) happening. Nine and a half years ago I stepped through the doors of the Department of … Continue reading Exciting times

Newest issue of Thanatos is out!

The second issue of Thanatos (Finnish Death Studies Association) in 2013 is a theme number about media and death. The editors-in-chief, Johanna Sumiala and Outi Hakola, describe the issue as following: “The idea to publish this special issue on Media and Death originated in a one-day workshop organized by a group of Finnish and international … Continue reading Newest issue of Thanatos is out!