Grief in the Digital Age – how memories are preserved and shared (video)

This documentary by 72U depicts my research results on point. How much people can share and learn about their loved ones through social media, and how much it gives comfort.

“Not all get to see their loved one like this.. I get to see him in YouTube whenever I want.”

“I’ve discovered that my son has crazy dance skills! His passion.. I wasn’t present on those moments, but his friends were.”

“If Tom’s Facebook page ever got deleted I would be devastated, like I’ve lost him all over again.”

“I’m looking at him through the eyes of others, how they saw him.”


2nd International Death Online Research Symposium, 17th -18th August 2015

August 17th -18th, 2015

This event specifically aims to expand on the maturing discourse around Death Online and engage with the ways that death structures contemporary forms of sociability, flows of affect and meaning-making. The 2nd Death Online Research Symposium (DORS2015) will be hosted by Kingston University, London, on the 17th & 18th of August.
Important information
Submission format: 300 word abstract 
Submission deadline: March 20th, 2015 
Submission feedback: April 20th, 2015

Hosted by the Death Online Research Network and Kingston University, School of Humanities; London UK.

Korina Giaxoglou
Department of Linguistics & Languages, Kingston University London

Stacey Pitsillides
Design, Creative Professions & Digital Arts Department
University of Greenwich
Goldsmiths University