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My name is Anna Emilia Haverinen, I’m digital culture PhD* and a freelance service designer.

Check my CV!

This blog used to be part of my research as a mind mapping tool and a research notebook, as well as a medium for discussing about doctoral studies, sciences, death and what ever may rise from and around my texts.

This spring I decided to finally pursue my true dream and seek job opportunities from the business and service design sector.

I have a passion UX design, service design, writing and all things digital.

I seek inspiration from people and everything in my work has an anthropological touch: understand people and the stories they tell you, why they do what they do and – especially – why they claim to do something else that they actually are doing. This is why I am currently looking for job opportunities in the field of service design, content marketing, research (qualitative and quantitative), and UX design of digital services, or anything related.

I am fluent in English and Oulu dialect, and I thrive under pressure and in team work. One of my best strengths is the ability to keep the spirit up in team work and keep deadlines under control. I have a keen eye for detail, both written and visual, and a high work morale.

I am passionate about what I do and get excited easily about new ideas. During my free-time I enjoy spending time with various sports from martial arts to ashtanga yoga, and from boxing to forrest running. I am a movie buff and I have saved every single of my movie tickets since 1993.  The sci-fi-geekiness is also very strong in me, and I hope to find out one day why the meaning of life is 42.

Got you interested?

Drop me a mail at aehaverinen ( a) and let’s talk more!

*In my thesis Memoria Virtualis – death and mourning rituals in online environments I examined the ritual practices of mourning and honoring an intimate in various online environments, such as in social media, official memorial website and in gaming environments. (download a free copy of my thesis here)

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