Who is Anna?

My name is Anna Haverinen, I’m a Digital Culture PhD*, freelance lecturer and a Design Anthropologist at Taiste which is a design and development agency focused on mobile-driven digital solutions.

Anna Haverinen

This blog used to be part of my PhD study about online memorials and mourning rituals in web environments, as well as a communication platform about my brief postdoctoral study about online hate and violence.

After leaving the academia in spring 2016 this blog has searched for its future form. Currently, I use it as a mind mapping tool and a notebook about anthropology and design, and everything in between. I post both in Finnish and in English.

I have worked with both major brands including Elisa, Alma Media, Taksiliitto, UPM and Takeda, and up-and-coming startups such as Space Nation, Fair and ChaosArchitects. I also have extensive teaching and public speaking experience, from university lectures to facilitating workshops and speaking at TEDx events.

Anthropology is about making sense of people in a broader context. It analyses personal motivations, cultural contexts, people’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and fears.

I am passionate about what I do and get easily excited about new ideas. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with various sports from martial arts to Ashtanga yoga, and from boxing to biking. I am a movie buff and I have saved every single of my Finnkino movie tickets since 1993.

The sci-fi geekiness is very strong in me, and one day I hope to find out why the meaning of life is 42.


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