Bio in English

My name is Anna Emilia Haverinen, I’m a digital culture PhD*, Design Anthropologist at Taiste which is a design and development agency, and a freelance lecturer.

This blog used to be part of my PhD study about online memorials and mourning rituals in web environments, as well as my brief postdoctoral study about online hate and violence. After leaving the university in spring 2016 this blog has been searching its future form. Currently, I use it as a mind mapping tool and a notebook and anthropology and design, and everything in between.

I have a passion UX design, service design, writing and all things digital.

I seek inspiration from people and everything in my work has an anthropological touch: understand people and the stories they tell you, why they do what they do and – especially – why they claim to do something else that they actually are doing. I work as a UX researcher at a Turku based design and development agency, where I focus on service design, design anthropology and UX research while being part of an awesomely talented design team.

I am passionate about what I do and get excited easily about new ideas. During my free time I enjoy spending time with various sports from martial arts to Ashtanga yoga, and from boxing to biking. I am a movie buff and I have saved every single of my Finnkino movie tickets since 1993. The sci-fi-geekiness is very strong in me, and one day I hope to find out why the meaning of life is 42.

*In my thesis Memoria Virtualis – death and mourning rituals in online environments I examined the ritual practices of mourning and honoring an intimate in various online environments, such as in social media, official memorial website and in gaming environments. (download a free copy of my thesis here)


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