Holiday smoliday? Didn’t think so

My calendar says July ends tomorrow. Which in the case for Finns it means summer is almost over. July is usually the month everyone has their holiday, since it’s usually the warmest and sunniest, but this year the temperature has been exceptionally low and barely +20C. In case of not having time to actually have a holiday (ahem..yours truly) it doesn’t really matter whether it is raining cats and dogs, since _one_must_write.

I managed to load myself waaaayyyy too much writing for this summer, but as we say in Finnish the greedy one meets an awful ending, and I can only blame myself. I’ve booked my schedule in August with a lot of seminars both here in Finland as in England, and on top of that I have three article deadlines as well. Hence the not having time for a holiday.

Regarding my current study about online violence, it has been interesting to follow the current anti- and pro-racism discussion. Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset in Finnish) has caused a turmoil in the media because of the party members’ comments on multiculturalism as something to actively fight against and how African immigrants should be sterilizedThese developments lead to a huge protest rally, which took place on Tuesday with 15.000 people participating.

My survey about online violence (in Finnish) is still open and I’m delighted that there is already over 350 responds. I’m targeting 500, which I hope will reach in August when people get back from their holidays.

When not writing or editing article manuscripts I’ve been busy with research literature. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstrem Culture (2015) by Whitney Phillips has been an utter delight to read and also a perfect excuse to spend time in my hammock at my balcony. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a research book! (But it probably tells more about me than Whitney’s writing.)

Next week I have the pleasure of attending the thesis defence of a colleague, Sari Östman, who will be defending her Digital Culture thesis about life publishing. ‘What kind of an update would this make?’ Cultural appropriation of life-publishing is published in Finnish only, but you can check her other work from Yay, a good excuse to dress up nice and be geeky with my digiculture colleagues.

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