Good music, good mood

The Finnish television has been following the international example for quite some time and singing competitions – or to be straight, American Idol – were the first to start the flow of talented people showing their (singing) skills in front of the television audience. However, the past years have proved that especially the participants in the Finnish Idol have been either joking or just plain.. nngghh. Not the kind of goose pumps you get – and want to get – when watching these kinds of programs.

Voice of Finland has been an exception. It’s been delightfully positive by the very foundation of it, since the judges do not wish to crush anyones dreams, but to train already talented people to be even better. (Also, there was a tight screening before the program actually began on air.)

I’m down with a nasty flu and this program is definitely making my evening better. It feels like watching a full concert, not a competition. I’m voting for Kimmo Härmä. Rock ‘n roll!

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