London diaries: Keeping busy

October sneaked up on me behind the corner. It has been over a month now here in London and I haven’t posted anything here even once! I’ve been mostly writing or micro-blogging in my Facebook account – in Finnish and to certain people only – which might have been the reason I haven’t felt necessary to open this place to any feelings and discussion about what has happened here so far.

Shortly, not much. September was a bit of a waste, since the classes started this week and I wasn’t aware of the lack of things to attend in September. Mostly I focused on learning how to get around the city and its massive transportation system. Helsinki seems like a small village compared to this place which is occupied by 8 million people. (note: the population of Finland is around 5 million.)

The spare time has been good though, since I’ve manage to start the actual writing process of my thesis. I use to track up my exercises and I figured it would be wise to do the same with my writing as well. It’s good to keep up how many pages I’ve actually manage to write something, even if it’s just rough drafts or notes, it is still something. For example, during the last two weeks in September I tried to write at least half an hour every day (which can lead to writing even hours) and I manage to achieve 20 pages of raw text in couple of chapters. It was even better than I imagined! With my attention span it’s pretty good. The Finnish Death Studies Association takes a lot of my time at the moment, though, since I’m the secretary and organizing the associations web journal Thanatos as well.

Also the classes started this week and I’m attending a few reading groups which are so far proven to be very useful. October is also a busy month because I have to apply for funding next year as well. This week I haven’t had a chance to write anything, but I’m trying not to be that hard on myself about it, since I should concentrate on the possibilities what UCL and being here in general provides me.

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