Goooood moooorning Looondoon!

Time flies fast when you’re having fun, right? Well this past week in London has felt like an eternal, mostly just because the first days flew by just getting to know around the neighborhood and learning to use the DLR, trains and tube. It also seems that I am a little bit early here considering the fact that all lectures start in the beginning of October and many of the students are not here yet. However, this gives me a head start to establish some kind of a familiar routine with my work and getting to know the city a little bit better.

I met with professor Daniel Miller earlier week and received small “home work” tasks to familiarize myself with his current and past work. His newest book Tales from Facebook (2011) was in Amazon with a bargain price of 8.80 pounds with shipping costs included. I received to book yesterday and it feels like freshly out from the print! Bless Amazon! I reckon I will be using its services a lot during this time here in the UK since the shipping expenses are ridiculously small compared to my beloved home country.

Professor Miller also gave me a task to conduct at least a half a dozen of face-to-face interviews while I am here, since he did not approve my choice of not having any f2f interviews. In my opinion I would not need any more material, since I have researched this phenomena of virtual mourning on an international scale already for 4 years, but oh well, I will play by his rules. I want to do this research as good as possible, since by so far there has not been any thorough publication on the subject – at least that I am aware of (please prove me wrong!).

Which is also why I would like to encourage all of you to answer my queries or contact me directly by email (anna.haverinen(a)

Queries in English click here, and Finnish versions click here!

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