London calling

I’ve been terribly neglecting this research blog during the summer time, but it seems it has been fruitful not to think about my research for a couple of weeks. I’ve meant to write about the excellent CDAS seminar in Bath, Death in the Digital Age, which was held the 25th – 26th of June. I had great expectations for that seminar, no less because it was about death and internet, but also because it gave me the opportunity to have a glimpse of England as well – since my visiting scholar time in London is closing rapidly.

The seminar, in my opinion, was a great success. Professor Tony Walter was an excellent host and everything went smoothly. I estimate that there were around 50 participants of which half of them presented a paper during the two-day seminar. Surprisingly some of them already have heard about me and my research, which proofs that “making a little noise” about my research in different mailing lists and such has been successful.

Sometimes during research it comes to my mind if I really know what I’m doing. I start to doubt myself, that there’s something wrong in my findings and “who am I to claim anything”. This might be a “PhD student syndrome”, but the seminar proofed those thoughts wrong. Many of the presenters have found exactly the same results as I have, and it was inspiring to meet people researching the same topic, whether it was from a totally different context or a point of view.

Although I was supposed to commit myself for relaxing in July, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of fresh views on my material. I found few new ideas and results behind all the answers and notes, and I can’t wait to start putting them in the actual thesis!

28 days* left in Helsinki.


* which reminds me I should watch the movie “28 days later”, just because of the zombies and the location, London.

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