Back to work

The elections are over and it’s time to focus back to work, although Facebook is filled with political links and debates in status updates. For me, it’s time rearrange my thoughts from Finnish to English, since mentally I’m already few months ahead and moving to London. Change of language is also needed, since we decided with my professor that it would be best for me and my thesis to write it in English (good news for you foreigners!).

Changing the language will slow down my writing and I also have to lower my standards for my texts, since I don’t feel I can express myself as fluent and as full as I could in Finnish. However, there’s a demand – both local and global – for my research and I’ve always wanted to improve my academic English.

My research material is 50-50 in Finnish and in English, which is why it doesn’t really matter in which language I decide to analyze it with. So far I’ve gathered:

– around 150 query answers
– around 50 interviews (e-mail, Second Life, Facebook)
– hundreds of hours of (participant) observation
– virtual memorial websites, Facebook memorial groups and pages, blogs, photogalleries, videos, screenshots, interview recordings, notes..

I estimated that I would end my fieldwork by the end of the summer, but it seems that by the end of June is a wiser decision. Nothing new hasn’t risen from the material in a couple of months. Now it’s time to sit down and start to write, which is the hardest part of the work.

I got a burst of inspiration this other day and just started to write down whatever crossed my mind. After I read it through and it seems that it might be the pre-pretext for my Introduction, yay!

The only thing that troubles me at the moment is the theoretical context of my work. I’m not entirely sure if the ritual theory is actually working for me, since I’m more interested about Immanuel Kants ideas of transcendental idealism, which I explored in my master’s thesis. Virtual space and spatiality is also something I just cant get off of my mind, it’s too delicious to be ignored.

The pondering continues..

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